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Yohan Lee is one of the main characters in My Deepest Secret. He currently studies law at H. University and is an amateur detective on the side.


Yohan is a very loud and outspoken individual, and is considered good-looking, with blue-ish black hair, dark blue eyes, and a boyish charm.[4] He has similar facial features to those of his uncle's during his youth. He acquired a thin scar on his forehead above his left eye from the attack at the abandoned warehouse.[5] After learning Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and regularly exercising, he has gained muscle and grown in height. [6] He is generally dressed in casual attire, occasionally wearing clothing items branded with Hanza Art.


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Yohan has a very likable personality and is considered quite popular at the university.[4] Despite the fact that he is directionally challenged,[7] slightly clumsy, and occasionally sassy, many find themselves charmed by his good nature and friendly charisma. He is unafraid to approach strangers and typically the center of attention among friends.[4] Though he is usually kind and respectful of others, he can be slightly nosy when curiosity gets the best of him. As the nephew of a police officer, Yohan has a very inquisitive mind, sharp observational skills, and quick instincts. Every once in a while, Yojoong consults with Yohan on difficult cases the police force cannot solve.[4][8] Known for his intelligence and investigative prowess, he is often approached by friends and acquaintances to help solve minor cases.[4] Yohan can be overly determined in closing a case, going as far as using threats or blackmail to gather information.[7] He lacks a sense of self-preservation in the face of danger and will not allow himself to be backed into a corner.[9] Since the incident at the abandoned warehouse, he began to regularly exercise and train in MMA.[10] When he is not occupied with mysteries, he spends a lot of time drawing,[11] browsing the internet,[10] or daydreaming about cats.

His desire to solve cases stems from his childhood, when Oscar, a precious friend of his, was falsely arrested several years prior to the current timeline.[12] Since then, Yohan has committed himself to studying law, intent on joining the justice system to prevent similar cases from occurring.[11] Even when he discovered that Emma's boyfriend orchestrated Sophie's alleged suicide attempt, Yohan disregarded his friendship with Emma and reported his findings to the authorities.[13] After Emma disappeared, however, Yohan was forced to question his principles and values. He and Detective Kayla discussed the ethical ramifications of prioritizing selfish goals over upholding the law. Kayla reminded him that it is inevitably within human nature to be selfish, and that there may even come a time when she, a member of the law enforcement, may sacrifice anything to accomplish a once-in-a-lifetime goal.[14] Leading after the event where Yohan prevents Emma from committing suicide due to her realization of guilt and trauma as well as her disgust towards herself for her actions, he takes Emma to runaway with him. While in Yohan's car Yohan says that Emma should not view him as a good person due to his tactics at attaining information which are shown to be sociopathic (although he may just possess few sociopathic traits and not be one) to explain to Emma that in his perspective she doesn't need to think his impulsive and uncoordinated decision to run would ruin his life and his purpose of being a lawyer, although he does not realize this way of obtaining clues is not at all wrong for his objective being figuring out Emma who has committed a crime even though through a mental illness. His one side assumption was that Emma's mental illness was D.I.D (dissociative identity disorder) which he though Elios was an alter of Emma (although not all alters of people with D.I.D are criminal) he tries to justify her actions later on in the car scenes when Emma explains that it was a hallucination of Elios and she was committing the murders herself albeit without conscious until Yohan had faced her saying Elios wasn't real and that he believed she had D.I.D. Yohan's reaction to this confession is showing that even when he said he doesn't "give a damn if Mr.Oscar committed any crimes" and that it was only his decision to pursue law was to protect his loved ones and his view of the judicial system has changed due to Emma not getting proper treatment when records state that she had been abused by her father and that Mr.Oscar had been arrested for a crime he did not commit even through Yohan's confirmation of his innocence. Yohan tries to rationalize Emma's actions and although what she went through something that would be valuable in court he should not defend her actions as pure innocence. Comparative knowledge through Yohan's perspective shows he sees both Mr.Oscar's case and Emma's sharing few similarities by being treated unfairly of the judicial system and that he doesn't care for the crimes they might or might not have committed even though he does. Mr.Oscar was innocent and was robbed of Yohan's voice in upholding his valid innocence of when he drank due to his wife's death which he had found out about after Yohan convinced him to visit his family again and was allegedly believed to have given Yohan who was a kid at the time to have been forced to drink alcohol even though it was an accident. Emma who was suffering abuse from her father which had lead to an abused child mentality that lead her to see acts of cruelty towards her which although were to a less severity then of her father's was not as bad and receiving acts of kindness which she had not gotten before (by Elios) as a prince saving her. Which after her father's death had caused even more impact on her mental state had Emma ready for a trigger into her "yandere" character development with no treatment of therapy. She had worked up the courage over her anxieties to present Elios a birthday present but upon him realizing she was her father's daughter she ran due to her rise in anxiety from the memory of the event which lead her to never gather the courage to talk to Elios thus stalking him from afar continuing her mentality and her obsession for Elios in bad ways leading to her accidentally murdering him and then memory loss until she started hallucination for her fear of being alone and want for someone to protect her the same way she did for Elios. Leading to the obvious conclusion Mr.Oscar was innocent and was wrongly put up for a crime and Emma suffered from untreated abuse and PTSD symptoms as well as a broken mental state which caused her to commit crimes. Although this could be put up with in court as Emma going to therapy instead of jail may be difficult as she could be jailed like many criminals with psychiatric issues. Yohan has a personality to protect the ones he cares for but he has to seem them as good people of some sort and he may not care for petty crimes his loved ones may commit if he stands by what he has said but linking further he may not be in love with Emma's true personality although he may understand her illness (just as Farah did) as she is a victim of something of her own which needs to be treated before any proclaims of whether Emma is innocent or guilty due to the gray area and clear errors of the judicial system.


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Yohan immersed himself in comic books as a young child, especially in his favorite comic series Detective Conon. Inspired by his books, he dreamed of one day becoming a comic artist himself. 10 years prior to the current timeline, an unfortunate incident occurred that resulted in the false arrest of someone very close to him. He watched helplessly as the police took him away, unable to convince anyone of the man's innocence, including Yojoong, a young police officer at the time. Traumatized by this incident, Yohan quit his pursuit in comics and became a law student in university.[11]

As a young child, Yohan immersed himself in comic books and art, unable to connect with the rest of his peers. As a result, he was ostracized and bullied by fellow classmates for his inability to socialize with others. Terrified and traumatized by the horrible treatment, Yohan eventually convinced his family to move towns and switch school districts. The family moved in with Yojoong Lee. In the new school, Yohan was too traumatized by his past school experiences to connect with his new classmates and slowly began to isolate himself in his new class. One day, Yohan's mother was held up at the hospital due to her pregnancy and was unable to pick him up. Refusing to stay at school where he was once again ostracized for being shy and introverted, Yohan ran away from his elementary school and ended up getting lost in an unsafe neighborhood. Here, he met Oscar, a homeless man who treated Yohan with kindness and generosity. Yohan became attached to Oscar and they eventually became unlikely friends. Through this relationship, Yohan learned how to open up to his peers and connect with others. He learned about the past prejudices that Oscar had to face, and gave him advice to overcome the unresolved regrets.


  • "I felt betrayed...because the person who saved me with those words was the one who didn't live up to it." - Episode 65


  • The name "Yohan" has many different meanings, from sunlight to glory. It is also the official Korean equivalent of "John" in English.
  • Yohan occasionally wears Hanza Art merchandise
  • His favorite color is blue
  • His favorite food is sweet buns
  • His favorite pet is a cat
  • His zodiac sign is Gemini
  • Hanza Art created Yohan as a character that the readers could relate to, because of his hobbies and his many flaws including his poor sense of direction.[15]
  • Hanza Art's favorite expression to draw of Yohan is when he was enticing Elios to join him in ruling the world[16]
  • Yohan's character design was originally that of a rich kid. Eventually, Hanza Art decided to make him a poor, college student instead.[17]
  • Conversation between @my_deepest_secret_wiki, the official wiki Instagram account, and Hanza Art confirmed that Yohan Lee is 20 years old[3]
  • Yohan prefers to play psychological board games, such as chess, over video games because he enjoys interacting with and analyzing others.
  • Yohan enjoys listening to EDM and Korean Pop.
  • Hanza Art referenced AJR's "Burn the House Down" as a song that reminds them of Yohan.[18]
  • Yohan Lee ranked in first place in the MDS popularity poll.[19]

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