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Emmeline "Emma" Wilson is the antihero of My Deepest Secret. She is currently a college student and part-time barista.


Emma has medium-length golden blond hair that is usually seen tied up in a side-ponytail. Her deep brown eyes are framed by long lashes set in a slim, feminine face. During school l hours, she typically wears casual attire consisting of jeans, a sweater, and sneakers. At her part-time job as a barista, she dresses in the standard employee uniform. On special occasions, Emma typically opts for more feminine ensembles. Many characters have described her as very pretty.


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Emma has a very kind and caring personality. Regarded as the "nice girl" by both friends and strangers, Emma treats people with respect and empathizes easily with others. Soft-hearted, sweet, and a little naive, Emma appears as an easy target to take advantage of. Though she has a passive, gentle demeanor, she also has a strong sense of justice. Whenever she witnesses people being mistreated in any way, Emma does not hesitate to step in and defend them. She is fiercely loyal to those she cares about and holds her own morals to high standards. Emma tends to give people the benefit of the doubt, occasionally overlooking small details that may have questionable implications. Due to a troubled past, Emma is skilled in the art of self-defense and can easily overpower full-grown men. Physical or psychological threats trigger massive headaches, though Emma refrains from sharing these troubles with others. The only person she confides in is Elios, with whom she allows herself to be vulnerable.

Despite the kindness she extends towards others, Emma has been responsible for a string of assaults against her peers. Though she believes harming others is morally wrong, Emma's violent actions at Queens Hospital defied every value she held and contradicted the amicable nature she exhibited throughout the series.


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As a child, Emma was mostly raised by her father and had a good relationship with him. That was until they caught her mother in bed with another man. After filing for a divorce, her mother abandoned Emma to her father. Due to his heartbreak, Emma's father became an alcoholic, leading him to develop an abusive streak towards his daughter when drunk. The cycle of abuse resulted Emma becoming introverted and aloof; causing her classmates at school to constantly bully her for keeping to herself rather than socializing with others.[3] She was perceived as creepy for staying silent and showing up to school with mysterious bruises all over her body. Eventually, she discovered that her father was never drunk when he was abusing her during a confrontation. While threatening to confine her in the basement, her father suddenly died when he slipped and fell on top of the broken pieces of an alcohol bottle that impaled him. After his death, news of the abuse was spread to the public and Emma was pitied for suffering under her father's care. She was taken in by her aunt, whose last name she adopted, and agreed to live with her until the age of twenty. Troubled by the pitiful expressions her neighbors gave her whenever she was out in public, Emma eventually moved out of her aunt's house when she reached adulthood.[4]

After moving out of City K, Emma picked up a part-time job as a barista in a local café. There, she supposedly began a relationship with Elios, a fellow coworker with a charming personality several months prior to the current timeline.[5]


In Episode 69, it was revealed that Emma met Elios during her childhood. When they grew older, Emma presumably killed Elios in a stabbing incident one year ago on his alleged birthday. Since then, Emma subconsciously engaged herself in violent activities, donning on a masked disguise and assaulting her peers. Yohan Lee deduced from her strange, contradictory behavior that she has split personality. A hallucination of Elios then declared that Emma created an alternate personality of him due to the unresolved guilt she suffered from his untimely death.[6] However, in episode 87, this is later proved false, with Emma confirming that she merely hallucinated him and did things as him in her subconscious.


In the third season, Emma first met Elios at grade school. After she was pushed by two of her female classmates in the playground, Elios approached her and helped her up. He also gave her a plaster for the wound on her knee before hurrying off to play with a group of kids. When Emma overheard Elios calmly defend her from her classmates, she felt touched since this was the first time she had experienced true kindness. Instead of using the plaster he had given her, Emma kept it in her diary which she filled with entries about Elios. Since then, Emma began to observe Elios at school to learn what kind of person he was. One day, she stayed behind until late in the afternoon to observe him as he waited to be picked up by his mother. When Elios' mother finally arrived, it caused Emma to be reminded of her own mother whom she recalled had never cared or smiled at her when she saw the mother-son relationship between Elios and his mother. It was at that moment when Emma wanted Elios for herself after realising that he had everything that she wished she had. Some time after her father's death, Emma approached Elios on his birthday to give him a present while he was on his way to school. When he recognised her as Mr. Brenton's daughter, it triggered her anxiety and insecurities causing Emma to end up running away without giving him the present.

Emma throws a hysteric fit after being rejected and told off by Elios

Since then, Emma stalked Elios and harmed anyone who had wronged him, believing that she was protecting him. She had also tried to approach Elios and become acquainted with him, but her anxieties always kept her back. Emma eventually plucked up the courage to approach Elios by becoming a regular at the café he worked at, after learning that she would be moving to a different city soon. However, her hopes were shattered when she discovered that he was already dating his co-worker, Farah. Desperate to have Elios for herself, she started sending death threats to Farah with hopes that she would break up with him, but it only brought them closer together. This enraged Emma who decided to resort to violence by tossing a plant pot containing a cactus onto Farah's head that caused her to end up hospitalised. She ran into Elios (who had just left the hospital after visiting Farah) and confessed her feeling for him, but was turned down when he told her that he already likes Farah. This caused Emma to insult Farah out of jealousy which made Elios angry. He ordered Emma to apologise to his girlfriend and told her to stay away from him, claiming that he hates superficial people like her. After he left, Emma broke down into an hysterical fit.

Later that evening, she lured Farah outside by calling her from a public phone booth while imitating Elios' voice. She held Farah at knifepoint and told her that she just wanted to ask her what is it about her that Elios likes so much. When Farah told Emma what she was doing to Elios was wrong and how she pities her for her current state, Emma lunged at her with her knife. It was then when Elios appeared (having deduced that Emma might harm Farah because of what he said to her) and shoved Farah out of the way. This caused Emma to accidentally stab him. As he bled out, Farah instructed Emma to help her administer basic first aid to stop the bleeding while she went to get help. After Farah left, Elios tells Emma that he thought she looked familiar when they first met at the café. When Emma becomes confused, Elios tells her that he just recognised her as Mr. Brenton's daughter. He then asks her what she was trying to tell him when they met as kids, and she quietly replies that she just wanted to wish him a 'Happy Birthday' back then. Hearing this, Elios tells Emma that he can't even hate her now as he succumbs to his wound. His death traumatises Emma as she is reminded of her father's death. This causes her to flee in disgust and guilt. Emma then spends the rest of that evening wandering aimlessly as it begins to rain, causing her to pass out on the streets. She awakens three days later, having no recollection of what had happened. Even after moving to a new city and enrolling into University, Emma began to hallucinate Elios due to her desire to have someone to protect her. This also caused her to harm people, while deluding herself into believing that he was the one committing these crimes.


The release of episodes 68 and 69 sparked a wave of controversy over social media platforms. Hanza Art released an official statement on their Instagram account, reminding readers that the series is a fictional work that takes creative liberties with plot points and does not necessarily depict scientifically-accurate disorders.[7]


  • "I finally remembered the secret. The secret that I had hidden deep within...away from everyone else...even from myself." - Episode 69


  • Her favorite color is blue.
  • Her favorite pet is a hamster.
  • Her favorite food is a strawberry parfait.
  • She doesn't really have any hobbies.
  • She is skilled at self-defence.
  • She is left-handed.
  • She can imitate Elios's voice after years of stalking him.
  • Emma's zodiac is Aries.
  • Conversation between @my_deepest_secret_wiki, the official wiki Instagram account, and Hanza Art confirmed that Emma Wilson is 20 years old.[2]
  • Hanza Art revealed that they felt bad for Emma's ignorance and subsequently refrained from drawing a kiss between her and Elios.[8][9]

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