Elios is one of the main characters in My Deepest Secret as well as Emma's co-worker and boyfriend.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Elios has curly white hair, icy blue eyes, and pale skin. He typically sports black-framed glasses and casual attire. During his part-time job at the cafe, he is donned in the standard uniform, consisting of a green apron, a black shirt, jeans, and sneakers. During his nightly ventures, Elios wears contact lenses, dark clothing, gloves, and a mask. Elios is considered quite tall and very good looking.

Personality[edit | edit source]

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Elios has a sociopathic personality. He is capable of analyzing situations and people and altering his behavior accordingly. Towards Emma, he appears to be a very sweet, caring boyfriend. He patiently listens to her problems and offers advice and comfort when she needs it. To maintain a mature, understanding image, he obscures his jealousy with a charming smile. Overly protective, possessive, and controlling, Elios consistently feeds Emma toxic advice and once claimed he was willing to kill anyone he deemed a threat to her.[4] He resorts to violence to threaten others that harmed Emma and shows no remorse for his actions. He is physically strong, skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and employs weapons such as bats and knives. Though he can normally hide his reactions, he has certain telltale signs that give away his emotions. He tends to cover his mouth when he is uncomfortable, hide his hands when lying, and hold his neck when happy.[5] Due to a difficult past, he holds little value in caring about others that are of no importance to him.[6]

History[edit | edit source]

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Elios grew up in a town surrounded by the sea.[5] As a child, Elios grew up taking care of his irresponsible mother. He would frequently get up early before school to make breakfast for himself and his mother, who struggled to wake up in time for work. Neglected as a child and lacking parental love, Elios would find himself envying other children as they spent time with their parents. He suppressed these emotions to avoid burdening his already flighty mother. During this time, he met Emma.[7]

Seeking affection from friends rather family, Elios learned to observe his high school peers and change his appearance, mannerisms, and preferences to fit in. Though he attempted to accommodate others, he overheard his friends scoffing at how he was a desperate pushover. During a class project, his friends took advantage of his diligence and refused to complete their portion of the assignment. Girls who were charmed by his personality and intelligence became offended and convinced Elios to report this to their teacher. Consequently, the other boys received poor grades and threw glue at his hair in retaliation. Following this incidence, Elios learned to value others less to avoid getting hurt.[8]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Hints throughout the series imply that Elios is also responsible for murdering a stray cat and Rupert Patrovsky, though this has yet to be proven.
  • The name "Elios" is derived from the Greek god of sun, Helios. It can also mean "he who loves."
  • Elios is considered a Yandere.
  • His zodiac is a Scorpio.
  • His favorite color is black.
  • He is generally picky about food.
  • His favorite food is stew.
  • His favorite pet is a dog.
  • Hanza Art's favorite expression to draw of Elios is when he wears a cold expression[9]
  • Conversation between @my_deepest_secret_wiki, the official wiki Instagram account, and Hanza Art confirmed that Elios is 20 years old[2]
  • According to a Q&A that Hanza Art conducted on Instagram Story on August 19, 2020, Elios's favorite food is his mother's chicken stew, and his favorite drink at work is an Americano.[10]

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